You have to remember Chicago is Obama’s hometown.  This is the rich and famous justice system.


The Editor:  Is this like The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, LL ?

Dope Cat:  It sure is.  A  lot of this is a refresher,  which our new readers can use.  The first link is about  how drugs are scheduled or classified.

Marijuana is a schedule one drug.  It is and has been classified like this for political reasons.  It should be a schedule five.  It is probably the least harmful drug in America.  Even Koala Bears smoke it.

Here are two other links to drug articles.

TE:  Does The Sphinx approve of these drugs, DC ?

The only opinion we have is that all drugs should be legal and taxed, with 10 per-cent of the taxes going to rehab facilities or morgues.  Either that or continue to kill  sixty-three  ( 63 ) thousand   people a year in overdoses and needless jail time.  That’s more in one year that all of Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan combined.


  1. If the news people and Democrats had spent as much time on drug problems as on Russiagate they might have saved 100,000 lives.

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