This is the future of American Law.  First we were given the sanctuary states and cities.


The Editor:  What will the sleazy news media and DemocRATS  do now, LL ?

Mobster Cat:  They will continue to investigate.  The bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts on the Democratic Committee are going to keep making news,  The  22 months, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, 19 lawyers, and  between 31-35 million dollars spent didn’t find jack.

TE:  Who can the committee get to be sure and get the planned results they want, MC ?

They have hired Geraldo Rivera, a noted journalist from somewhere, and these old SNL comedians

What them and the R’s could do is pass some meaningful drug regulations, or let consumers sue the companies.

Wikipedia officially joins the Democrats, Facebook, and Google as being untrustworthy/crooked.

They are no good.

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