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Don’t be an April Fool.


The Editor:   Do cats have standards, LL ?

Gold Star Cat:  We sure do.  The best example is freshly washed and dried clothes.  They make the best beds.  No self respecting cat would sleep on dirty laundry.  When you lower your standards you get mediocrity.  Here is an example of low standards and not even reaching mediocrity.

Here is another example.  This guy got a Nobel Peace Prize after being in office eleven (11)  DAYS.  He promptly helped start the Arab Spring violence and ISIS.  Don’t forget Benghazi.

Here is one from the news media.

These people have standards/guidelines.

Some people in Virginia are trying to prevent a company from leaving a toxic-super-fund site, for taxpayers to clean up.

Monsanto/Bayer’s chickens ( Roundup ) are finally coming home to roost.

Global warming takes a hit.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronaut Kicks Lunar Field Goal
Image Credit: NASA, Apollo 15 Team

Explanation: Score three points for NASA. With time running out late in Apollo 15‘s mission to the Moon in 1971, Astronaut David Scott prepared to split the uprights and bring about yet another dramatic end-of-the-mission victory for NASA. Scott used a special lunar football designed for the rugged games held on the Moon. R1-D1, a predecessor to R2-D2, cheered from the sideline. Happy April Fools’ Day from the folks at APOD. In reality, Astronaut Scott placed a drill that measured how temperature changed with lunar depth. The foreground device actually detected high-energy particles that escaped from the Sun.

Tomorrow’s picture: freeze frame ISS