The Editor:  Is this another  ” End-Times ” article, LL ?

MEOW CAT:  I’m mad.   To make this current,  add smartphone to radial tires.

Here are some dangerous things.  Once again, you can’t share space with monkeys.

Here is another crook from Chicago.

This was/is just a stupid idea.

This is The Sphinx’s abhorrent, arrogant, repulsive, and dangerous politician of the day.  Only losers would vote for this Dung Beetle.

This is a bad/dangerous sign for America.  The crooks and others are openly confronting the police, and violating the law.   Why should they be different from the politicians and illegals ?  Be careful out there.

TE:  What can our loyal readers do to stay safe, MC ?

Snake Eyes Cat:  It’s a rigged crap shoot, just be aware and take care.

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