Good luck Mick, we hope you get some satisfaction and something you need.


The Editor:  Is there a new burger, LL ?

B K Cat:  There sure is, with the Democratic Mueller Burger falling short of anything B K has an impossible burger.

Does Nestle lie ?

Here is Pancho Villa’s relative.

Ole Joe has always been creepy.


  1. Joe Biden is as perverted as LBJ was disgusting. But I still ask myself…”Why did these women wallow in this shame they speak of for years? Why did it not consume them until they no longer wanted an old, white man for president? Why didn’t they turn around and say GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME right there in the moment?” Simply this…..they were using him for political gain and bragging points when he had something they wanted. They and George Soros no longer want a Democrat in 2020, they want a Socialist. These women are SLUTS of the past, talking points of the present, and old news in the future.

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