The Democrats can’t have it both ways!

Sharia Law is a faith-based code of conduct for all Muslims.

In some countries, the punishment meted out for more egregious violations of Sharia Law is barbaric and cruel. In Brunei gay people can be stoned to death. People aren’t allowed to leave Islam. If they do, death can await them. Islam adherents do not mix well when they immigrate to western countries, because they are unwilling to tolerate the ‘infidels’ among them. They are free to commit crimes including rape on said infidels and Sharia Law is OK with that.

The Democrats can’t have it both ways. Their love of diversity also means they love divisiveness. The Balkanization of culture in America does not bring about harmony.

When people can’t communicate with each other due to vast cultural and linguistic differences, it brings mistrust, crime, and the destruction of our Republic. Which is apparently what the Democrats want.

-Ben Garrison-


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