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Al “Spider Monkey” Sharpton

Well, it is no wonder that Al Sharpton and his Merry Band are campaigning for slavery reparations. It is also no surprise that he hates Donald Trump. After all, he resided in the Lincoln Bedroom of the white house through obama’s eight (devastating) years. His plush surroundings declined when President Donald Trump was elected.

I certainly hope the IRS collects the millions that Al still owes in taxes…or at least subtracts them from his reparation check.   

-Sheila Tolley-


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The Editor:  What is going on with ethics, LL ?

Good Cat:  I don’t know.  The problem with ethics is finding someone or a group to point out faults.  Here are some recent articles on ethics.–regional-govt–politics/georgia-house-republicans-file-bill-create-state-journalism-ethics-board/XuwvLwHYv2uxEgtazGCuHK/

TE:  Doesn’t Congress have an Ethics Committee, GC ?

They do but this committee is where the skeletons are buried.  Seventeen ( 17 ) million taxpayer dollars spent.

The lobbyist also write about half of all national bills/laws.

This guy could be in charge of ethics.  Get behind me Satan.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

ISS from Wallasey
Image Credit & Copyright: Richard Addis

Explanation: After sunset on March 28, the International Space Station climbed above the western horizon, as seen from Wallasey, England at the mouth of the River Mersey. Still glinting in the sunlight some 400 kilometers above planet Earth, the fast moving ISS was followed by hand with a small backyard telescope and high frame rate digital camera. A total of 2500 frames were recorded during the 7 minute long visible ISS passage and 100 of them captured images of the space station. These are the four best frames showing remarkable details of the ISS in low Earth orbit. Near the peak of its track, about 60 degrees above the horizon, the ISS was brighter than the brightest star in the sky and as close as 468 kilometers to the Wallasey backyard.

Tomorrow’s picture: Scorpius Sky