The Editor:???? What is AREN’T about, LL ?

I’m Not Cat:?? It’s about what presidential candidates and public figures aren’t—– or is she/he.?? Here is an example.?? This guy isn’t gay enough to be President.

This woman isn’t BLACK enough to be President.?? Her mother is from India and her father is from Jamaica.?? There is also a question concerning her ability to stay upright for two ( 2 ) more years.

These public figures aren’t bankrupt enough.?? The Republicans are just as insolvent.

This gladiator ( Spartacus ) isn’t Italian enough.

TE:?? Don’t forget Beto,?? INC.

Oh, I almost forgot Robert Patrick O’Rourke,?? (?? Beto ) to his Hispanic friends.?? He isn’t Hispanic enough.

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