Al should put this with Obama’s politically correct Nobel Peace Prize.  They are just ” participation prizes “.


The Editor:  Are animals and humans similar, LL ?

Synonymous Cat:   They sure are,  more  similar than I like to admit.

Alligators and politicians were probably genetic matches at one time.  When it gets too hot/cold the only thing you see on alligators is their nose.  Watch the Clintons, when sexual abuse makes the headlines they virtually disappear.  Watch Al Sharpton, when IRS investigations/debts are in the news he can’t be found.  When a new stupid idea is mentioned they pop up, like Jiffy Pop.

Watch the old politicians when one of the new, young, and stupid ones tries to get close to their leader.

The herd mentality takes over politicians when one has a thought.  They run like fools until someone who can think rationally points out how stupid the idea is/was.  Then they run the other way.  An example of this is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez  ( AOC ) and her stupid green policy.

Another example is the millions of illegals.  Cities and states break the law providing sanctuary, but don’t want new illegals to be where they are welcome and their relatives live.

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