The Editor:   What is hard to believe, LL ?

Bonnie Parker Cat:  Kamala is a California ” pistol packing mama “.

Another creature is on the loose in Mexico.  Some think it is the love child of Pelosi and Schumer.

The only thing that can protect one from this creature is a Wolf Bot.  Amigo has bobble-head Wolf Bots on sale for ten ( 10 ) dollars each.  Send cash only.

Who would believe this idiot, fool, moron, and his out of gas story.  You don’t need charcoal-lighter-fluid to ignite gas.  He probably  taught AOC, in college.

He was probably taking it to CNN.  They are out of gas without Trump to lie about.  The Food Network and Home and Garden channel were ahead of CNN in the ratings.


  1. Good morning Lois Lion…If genes are the reason people are obese, why weren’t people obese fifty years ago? Through my entire childhood, in my neighborhood and family, I cannot recall a single fat person. Through my 12 years of school, which would have been a representation of my entire county, I can only remember 2 overweight people.

  2. Genes are only a part of the overweight, fat, and obese problem. Less physical activity and “junk food” play a part. My supermarket has more rows of cookies, chips, candy, soft drinks, and ice cream than fresh and canned vegetables combined. Don’t forget fast-food places and processed food. Sugar and salt are in everything.

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