The Editor:  Is a jackass or donkey still the Democratic symbol, LL ?

Political Cat:  It is their mascot.  For their symbol they used a white pointy hat for a while.  They wanted the swastika, but the bad publicity was too much.

TE:  Do they ever use the eagle, PC ?

Tweet Tweet Cat:   No, their official bird is the Cowbird.  It uses the resources and work of other birds to survive.

Here are some corporate Cowbirds selling your country for a buck.  The taxpayer pays for the schools,  food,  medical,  housing,  and social help that illegals need.  Let them do their own polls, like the politicians do every day.

McDonald’s is doubling-down on their Quarter Pounder.

Here is Mueller’s and the Demonazis burger.  It is a repeat.

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