This is the Senate hearing about Mueller, and the House postponement.  The Demoscums are some nasty dung beetles.  I hope KARMA visits them.


The Editor:  Is Joe Biden your average 76 year old, LL ?

Cannon Ball Express Cat:  He sure is except for touching and smelling females.  He did swim naked while a female Secret Service Agent was on duty at his house.  That’s Uncle Joe for you.  He has stopped this behavior since the Demosnakes have realized that abusing women shouldn’t be encouraged.  Here is his old personality.

TE:  He was a good Vice President wasn’t he ?

Influence Peddling Cat:  He was great, especially to his son and the son of John Kerry’s wife  ( Heinz Ketchup Heiress ).

This couple had the attitude of crooks like Biden, but not the political connections.

Here is the end-game of most of the Demosocialist—to run your entire life, including child rearing.  It’s already here.  Canada is the same as America.

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