Speaking of Princess Diana,  Harry  and  Meghan just had a son.


The Editor:  Can you answer a question from thousands of our loyal readers, LL ?

Answer Cat:  I sure can, but first here is loyal reader MST at the Derby.


TE:  The last time we had this many responses was 11-09-16.   Why did the Stewards at the Kentucky Derby disqualify  Maximum Security ?

Listen Closely Cat:  The Jockey allowed Maximum Security to block the lane next to him.  War of Will was blocked.  If you look closely WOW legs were bumping Maximum Securities legs.  These horses weigh a thousand pounds and are running over 45 miles per hour.  Everyone is lucky that there wasn’t a big crash of 6-8 horses.

Unlike NASCAR you can’t  ” swap paint “.

This is a little unpleasant, but similar crashes are what they try to prevent.

Here is a brief explanation.  When you get away from politicians HONESTY and  INTEGRITY  are important.  Most  Americas live by rules/laws, if they don’t follow them, unlike politicians they are punished.

You could say that Maximum Security won the popular vote, and Country House won the Electoral College.

The Executive Director, Dodi Fayed, listed at the end of this intro was killed along with Princess Diana.

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