Bird’s Eye View



The more I listen to the Dems and watch some of the actions they are attempting to make, I guessing that they probably have sources embedded in the IG office or other agencies (the deep state and swamp creatures) telling them that things are looking very bad with the IG report and some of the other ongoing investigations. While there are only a few key Dems that know what is coming, they have signaled to all their members that now is the time to get in front of the news by attacking Trump, Barr, and anyone who works directly for Trump. They are going to need some big time deflections in order to weather the coming storm.

Yesterday I saw a report that has some indications that the FBI spying started as early as 2015 and it involved more than the Trump campaign. They may have also had informants in the other Republican campaigns. If this can be verified, I think a lot more people are looking at serious criminal charges. It seems like the information is now coming out in bits and pieces every day. But there is never any good news and the bad news gets worse and worse for the FBI and the Dems. Mueller better have his life insurance up to date before he testifies because he his going to see some heat seeking missiles coming his way. With Nadler’s actions in recent days, there is no love lost on the Judiciary Committee and I suspect the Republicans will be loaded for bear. It sure looks like Mueller’s efforts were very selective and very focused on Trump and completely ignored the DNC and Clinton. He is going to find the questions very uncomfortable. Maybe I need to check my popcorn supplies before the 15th!!!!!


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