The Editor:  Are your great ideas things that no one can do without, LL ?

Thomas Edison Cat:  They sure are, I don’t know how America became the Beacon of Freedom without these improvements.  How about a donkey to relieve the anxiety in your life.  The State University of New York can cure your problems without drugs.

The donkey is early training to become a DemocRAT.

What could go wrong with this idea ?  Only a United States Senator from New York running for president knows.  Does she or doesn’t she ?

Make each post office a bank.  What is wrong with that ?

This is one of TV’s early attempts at diversity.  They were running from the Nielsen Ratings.


  1. Kirsten Gillibrand….what a prize! I think too much of that Lady Clairol has seeped into the one brain cell she has left. After we start the postal banking….when the bank is robbed, we could slap that security footage right on the bulletin board, INSTANT WANTED POSTER. Let’s just ask the Jehovah Witnesses to deliver the mail…then we could save a bunch of money. There…I am smarter than Gillibrand already.

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