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The Grim Reaper Cometh!

I believe the country witnessed a game changing event last night when AG William Barr announced the appointment of John Durham, US Attorney for the District of Connecticut to head an investigation into the origins and legal foundations for the political Russian hoax that resulted in the Mueller Special Counsel report.

The Democrats have been leveling relentless attacks against AG Barr’s character and reputation since the release of the Mueller report. Their goal is to discredit and smear Barr prior to the release of potential damaging reports by the DOJ IG, internal DOJ investigations, and the Senate Judiciary Committee investigation into the origins of the Russian investigation.

Our country should be extremely proud that we finally have an AG that is performing his job. He is tough, he is willing to take on a fight that is worth fighting, and he is demonstrating great leadership for a department that is in desperate need of change. He is working to restore the reputation and culture within the DOJ and FBI. The appointment of John Durham is another giant step in the right direction.

So why is this appointment important and why are the Democrats worried about John Durham? Let’s take a look at the man who I like to call the “Grim Reaper.”

  • He is a registered Republican.
  • He has been employed by the DOJ since 1982 and has been a lead federal prosecutor since February, 2018.
  • He headed the Boston Strike Force on Organized Crime. He has been involved in high profile criminal convictions, including retired FBI agent John Connolly Jr. who received 10 years for federal racketeering charges.
  • He took on the Boston mob.
  • He conducted investigations into former Republican Governor John Rowland. Rowland served 2 prison terms for not paying taxes and accepting illegal gifts.
  • He conducted an investigation of the CIA into the legality of enhanced interrogation techniques.
  • He is widely seen as a straight shooter and he is not influenced by politics.
  • He has a reputation as a hard charging bull who is tenacious and skilled at his trade.
  • He is extremely focused and does his work without leaks.

The last three points will probably scare the daylights out of the deep state and bad actors that held high level positions in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Department of State, and NSA in 2016 and 2017. It has been rumored that Mr. Durham has been reviewing documents and facts related to his new assignment for several weeks. I suspect he is going to hit the ground running and it will not take him two years (like the SC Mueller) to reach decisions regarding criminal conduct.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of this appointment is that Mr. Durham will have the power to empanel grand juries and he will have subpoena powers across all government agencies. I suspect that Mr. Durham is going to get to the bottom of each issue and identify the bad guys and gals rather quickly. There is a new sheriff in town and he knows the system. The deep state and establishment folks who normally jump into these situations to derail investigations are probably searching for some way to counteract Mr. Durham. GOOD LUCK!




From: Hank Ashmore

The Deplorable Infidel



A continually growing population of illegal aliens, along with the federal government’s ineffective to secure our borders, present significant national security and public safety threats to the United States. They also have a severely negative impact on the nation’s taxpayers at the local, state, and national levels. Illegal immigration costs Americans billions of dollars each year. Illegal aliens are net consumers of taxpayer-funded services and the limited taxes paid by some segments of the illegal alien population are, in no way, significant enough to offset the growing burdens imposed on U.S, taxpayers by massive numbers of uninvited guests.


  • In 2017, the total cost of illegal immigration for the United States – at the federal level, state, and local levels – was approximately $116 billion.
  • This number was arrived at by subtracting the tax revenue paid by illegal aliens – about $19 billion – from the economic impact of illegal migration, $134.9 billion.
  • In 2013, the estimated cost for illegal migration was approximately $113 billion. So, in under four years, the cost has risen nearly $3 billion.
  • Evidence shows that the tax payments made by illegal aliens fail to cover costs of the many services they consume.
  • A large percentage of illegal aliens who work in the underground economy frequently avoid paying any income tax at all.
  • Many illegal aliens actually receive a net cash profit through refundable tax credit programs!

The federal government spent a net amount of $45.8 billion on illegal aliens and their U.S.-born children in 2017. This amount includes expenditures for public education, medical care, justice enforcement initiatives, welfare programs and other miscellaneous costs. It also factors in the meager amount illegal aliens pay to the federal government in income, social security, Medicare and excise taxes. The approximately $46 billion in federal expenditures attributable to illegal aliens is staggering. Assuming an illegal alien population of approximately 12.5 million illegal aliens and 4.2 million U.S.-born children of illegal aliens, that amounts to roughly $2,746 per illegal alien, per year. For the sake of comparison, the average college student receives only $4,800 in federal loans each year.

The combined total of state and local government general expenditures on illegal aliens is $18.6 billion. The services referred in this section are supported directly by the payment of city and state taxes and related fees. At the state level, examples of general expenditures would be the costs of general governance, fire departments, garbage collection, street cleaning and maintenance, etc. The state, county or municipality – or even a special taxing district in some situations – may provide some of these services. In most cases, localities offer more services than the state. There is approximately a 65 percent to 35 percent cost share between local and state governments.

The combined total of state and local government general expenditures on illegal aliens in 2017 was $18.6 billon. Even though the cost of illegal immigration borne by taxpayers at the federal level are staggering, they only pale in comparison to the fiscal burden shouldered by taxpayers at the state level. Most government taxes and fees to government by Americans are paid in forms other than income taxes to the IRS on April 15th. There are city and state income taxes, fuel surcharges, sales and property taxes, etc… States and localities also bear the main burden for cost associated with public education, city and county infrastructure, and local courts and jails. A further complication is that the fact that, while barred from many federal benefits, state laws allow illegal aliens to access many state-funded welfare programs. Because so little data is collected on the immigration status of individuals collection benefits, it is difficult to determine the rate at which illegal aliens use welfare programs. However, based on the average income of illegal alien households, it appears they use these programs at a rate higher than lawfully present aliens or citizens!

Every concerned American citizen should be asking our government why, in a time of increasing costs, shrinking resources, and a federal debt of over $22 trillion is it spending large amounts of money on individuals who have no right, nor authorization, to be in the United State? This is an especially important question in view that the illegal alien beneficiaries of American taxpayer largess offset very little of the enormous costs of their presence by the payment of taxes. Meanwhile, average Americans pay approximately 30% of their income in taxes. When the federal benefits for the first responders at the World Trade Center ran out, they had to fight the Federal Government to extend the benefits to pay for their medical conditions. This goes to show how the members of Congress don’t give a damn about their constituents. These illegal aliens means votes for the Democrats in future elections. Gaining and keeping power is more important to them than solving the nation’s problems. To Hell with all of them.

The Deplorable Infidel (source: Matt O’Brien and Spencer Raley, FAIR)



I live on a golf course. Last winter a flock of black birds were feeding on the fairway. When one would fly, all of them would fly. When one would land, all of them would land. That reminded me of the Black Caucus in Congress. When one votes one way, all of them vote that way. When one protests, all of them protest. When one boycotts, all of them boycott. Maybe this is because they just can’t think for themselves.




A body of men holding themselves accountable to no one ought not to be trusted by anybody. – Thomas Paine


In History Class…

The Teacher said:
Let’s begin by reviewing some history. Who said: ‘Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!’?
She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Little Akio, a bright foreign Exchange student from Japan, who had his hand up:…
“Patrick Henry, 1775,” he said.

“Very good! “Who said: ‘Government of the People, by the People, for the People, shall not perish from the Earth!’?”
Again, no response except from Little Akio:
“Abraham Lincoln, 1863.”

“Excellent!” said the teacher continuing. “Let’s try one a bit more difficult. Who said, ‘Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country’?”
Once again, Akio’s was the only hand in the air and he said: “John F. Kennedy, 1961.”

The teacher snapped at her class, “Class, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Akio isn’t from this Country and he knows more about our history than you do.”

She hears a loud whisper:.. “F–k the Japs.”
“Who said that? I want to know right now,” she angrily demanded.
Little Akio put his hand up, “General MacArthur, 1945.”

At that point, a student in the back said, “I’m gonna puke.”
The teacher glares around and asks, “All right! Now, who said that?”
Again, Little Akio says, “George Bush to the Japanese Prime Minister, 1991.”

Now furious, the same student yells, “Suck this!”
Little Akio jumps out of his chair waving his hand and shouts to the teacher. “Bill Clinton, to Monica Lewinsky, 1997!”

The teacher fainted.
As the class gathered around the teacher on the floor, someone said, “Damn, we’re screwed.”
Little Akio said quietly, “Chuck Schumer when Trump got elected in 2016.”





The Editor:  What’s new, LL ?

The Truth Will Set You Free Cat:  As I predicted years ago the Progressive/Democrats won’t rest until children are made sex objects.  It is the last most important thing remaining of their plans for your family.

Amazon is doing their part.

This is another cover-up, with red flags ignored.

Some local politicians are helping taxpayers.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Young Star Cluster Trumpler 14 from Hubble
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and J. Maíz Apellániz (IoAoA Spain); Acknowledgment: N. Smith (U. Arizona)

Explanation: Why does star cluster Trumpler 14 have so many bright stars? Because it is so young. Many cluster stars have formed only in the past 5 million years and are so hot they emit detectable X-rays. In older star clusters, most stars this young have already died — typically exploding in a supernova — leaving behind stars that are fainter and redder. Trumpler 14 spans about 40 light years and lies about 9,000 light years away on the edge of the famous Carina Nebula. A discerning eye can spot two unusual objects in this detailed 2006 image of Trumpler 14 by the Hubble Space Telescope. First, a dark cloud just left of center may be a planetary system trying to form before being destroyed by the energetic winds of Trumpler 14‘s massive stars. Second is the arc at the bottom left, which one hypothesis holds is the supersonic shock wave of a fast star ejected 100,000 years ago from a completely different star cluster.

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