The Editor:  Can’t our loyal readers have fun anymore, LL ?

Laughing Hyena Cat:  It was banned by Putin when Trump sold him the Statue of Liberty.  If people get fun, honest/truthful comments, and misspeaking mixed up they should get on late night TV and be a comedian.  They can say anything there.  Someone else writes what you say and it isn’t funny–just political propaganda.  These examples might fit.

I think part of the problem is a shortage of helium.  The Demodungbeetles in the House have used up the helium supply,  That’s what makes them stupid and talk funny.  The helium experts didn’t forecast their production very well.  Going back to 2010 forecast were optimistic, but incorrect.

A party is not as much fun without helium balloons.

This public employee wants a party.  He was went.

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