Bird’s Eye View



The Field Of “23” (Or More)

I sense that the hatred for President Trump is so deep and pervasive within the Democrat Party that anybody who claims to be somebody in the Party thinks he or she is their anointed savior – blessed with the exact education, work experience, intellect, panache, and hutzpah required to soundly defeat the President in 2020. I think maybe a headcount of potential voters at their rallies compared to Trump rallies might be a better indicator!

Today I was thrilled to hear that Comrade Bill de Blasio has throw his name into the lottery of hopefuls. Given his track record in New York City I am guessing that the initial odds of him winning the nomination is probably about the same as my winning the power ball lottery. The one positive note about Mayor de Blasio is that he never allows any real facts to get in the way of his enlarged ego. But I am sure he is confident that his charisma will likely vault him to the top of the pecking order in an otherwise crowded field of soothsayers. I believe Comrade de Blasio’s real intent is to have taxpayers fund his search for a new job once his current gig ends.

The upcoming debates should be quite a spectacle. We already see a number of early candidates “relaunching” their campaigns because their poll numbers are tanking worse than those for Congress. Just getting a position on stage for the first event could result in some serious fights. The only good news is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not be participating. If she was, I would be very concerned about the possibility of several candidates suffering mysterious deaths just before show time.

Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden will start off in first place entering the debates. But he will surely be the target of every other candidate that is fortunate enough to get on stage. This is where we will see the first shots fired regarding socialism versus capitalism. We are probably going to see some serious, if not mortal, wounds by the end of the first debate. So, will identity politics “trump” any real policy discussions? Will the leftist radicals attempt to seize the day from the outnumbered moderates? What will be the over/under for the number of gaffs by Sleepy Joe? And, most important, will the American public learn anything of substance from the first debate? My guess is “NO!”

Speaking of substance, the one common theme amongst almost all the declared candidates is animus toward President Trump. But hatred is probably not a winning strategy in a national election. After getting past that universal problem, many of the candidates seem to rely on two or three favorite topics (e.g., banning guns, abortion, New Green Deal come to mind) to use in their campaign speeches. Few appear comfortable talking about the issues most Americans are concerned about – the economy, jobs, trade, infrastructure, national and/or border security, or even detailed healthcare plans. They talk about Medicare-For-All but I have yet to hear even two candidates agree on what that means, how it will work, or how it will be funded.

The Democrat Party ran on healthcare in 2018 yet have shown us nothing thus far about solving the problem. The candidates currently serving in Congress seem to be more concerned about endless investigations of President Trump. Maybe the candidates from Colorado can talk about their magic mushrooms and how they improve the quality of life, those from California can talk about their successful and cost-effective homeless programs, and those from New York can talk about their attractive personal income taxes and how they attract major businesses such as Amazon.

The bottom line is that we will soon be watching a knock down, bare knuckles, battle for the heart and soul of the Democrat Party. But if you think you have a voice in the final decision regarding the selection of the Democrat candidate for President, think again. The establishment and swamp creatures are going to make that decision for you. The likes of George Soros will be pulling the strings like a puppet master. Most of what we see is pure theater. Enjoy!



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