Trump should tell the Saudis that WAR CRIMINAL Papa Bush 41 is dead—fight their own war.,7340,L-5510325,00.html


The Editor:  Is this an update on old articles, LL ?

Follow Up Cat:  It sure is, the first is a follow up on the 2017 sky-penis.  Join the Navy and be an artist.

What happened to Bob Mueller ?   He finished his job and took the sign down to where he lived.  His house is now as hard to find as those pesky Ruskies.

Where is Mighty Sam McCord ?  Sam retired rich, and lives on Cumberland.

What happened to Asiana flight crew  Wong,  Lo,  Fuk,  and Ow ?   They work for Boeing, training 737 flight crews.

What happened to Sheriff John Brown ?  He caught Bad Boy and sent him to Club Fed Prison.

What happened to Joe Buck ?  He advises Trump on how to communicate with the Evil Demoscums.


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