Archive | May 19, 2019

Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Circumhorizontal Arc Over Ohio
Image Credit & Copyright: Todd Sladoje

Explanation: Why would clouds appear to be different colors? The reason here is that ice crystals in distant cirrus clouds are acting like little floating prisms. Sometimes known as a fire rainbow for its flame-like appearance, a circumhorizon arc lies parallel to the horizon. For a circumhorizontal arc to be visible, the Sun must be at least 58 degrees high in a sky where cirrus clouds are present. Furthermore, the numerous, flat, hexagonal ice-crystals that compose the cirrus cloud must be aligned horizontally to properly refract sunlight in a collectively similar manner. Therefore, circumhorizontal arcs are quite unusual to see. This circumhorizon display was photographed through a polarized lens above Dublin, Ohio in 2009.

Tomorrow’s picture: spinning worlds




The Editor:  Is this edition about trains, LL ?

Casey Jones Cat:  It sure is, this is the 150 th anniversary of the Union Pacific Rail Road and the Central Pacific meeting in Utah.

This is the best RR movie of all time which, unfortunately, was made the same year as many great movies.

Here is a Chattanooga train.

This is amazing.

Our train industry doesn’t have enough money to bribe our crooked government.