The Editor:  Didn’t we discuss kissing in our sex issue, LL ?

Music Cat:  This is a different kind of KISS.  Here is a KISS the unpatriotic Demoroaches hate, because he is patriotic and likes Capitalism.–why-n2546508

This is a different kisse.  The olde doctors treated patients like the Demoweasel  House members treat American patriots.

Don’t kiss any robots-androids.

The Florida governor wants Trump to KISS OFF with sending illegal border crashers to his state.   Send them to Puerto Rico, they speak Spanish.

I hope these creeps and the others who have been writing books and making TV appearances for over two ( 2 ) years go bankrupt and kiss their retirement goodby.  I hope DC runs out of attorneys and they have to give some from Russia a special visa to represent them.

A kiss is just a kiss, unless it is at a Strip-Mall and you are rich.  If it wasn’t for Kraft the whole illegal operation would still be going on.

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