The Editor:  Do we have another shook, LL ?

Preakness Cat:  We definitely have a shooker at the Preakness.  After the winner of the Kentucky Derby got sick and couldn’t race,  and the owner of the disqualified horse got in a snit and refused to race in the big races it was thought the Preakness would be boring.  It was anything buttigeig.

Here is the race, and a second link to the valiant jockey that fell off his horse.

To an animal this looks like a combination fable, parable, and analogy.  Bodexpress is Hillary’s campaign, Hillary is the jockey.  I can hear the announcer calling the race.  Hillary looks unbeatable, oops she just lost Florida and ten ( 10 ) other states. Bodexpress is still in there trying.  At seven ( 7 ) furlongs  it looks like Bodexpress can’t win by himself.  Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan are too far ahead.   Maybe Hill-gal should have visited those states more.    

She needs some chicken like the Cohen creep.    Shook &  Cook.

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