If our loyal readers in the Midwest haven’t been clubbed to death by our Somalies watch out for this recall.


The Editor:  You seem to have a full day, LL.

Muckraker Cat:  I sure do.  First, Kamala is being compared to Jan Brady.  She is neglected and falling in the polls.  This isn’t San Francisco,  you have to run standing up.

Spartacus is still looking for some slaves to free ( white people in this event ).  Remember Booker at the Kavanaugh interview.

Fauxahontas gets little exposure.

Omar and Tlaib hate Jews, the Demodevils don’t care.  Their next target will be people other than straight Americans.

Oh, look.

Lost Angeles is a rat-hole, full of filth.

Those Somali-Americans are training to be carpenters.  The MSM forgot to report their assaults.

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