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The Editor:  What is a Goldilocks candidate, LL ?

Just Right Cat:  It is a candidate that is just right for the Demodemons.  They want one not too white, not too LGBTQ, not too black, not too Native American, not too Roman, not too brown, not too green, etc.  So far these are getting the attention.

One thing you can depend on is the lying.  The only thing these political-sluts/whore hoppers can cook is some way to steal your money and Constitutional Rights.

Selecting the primary candidates could be difficult.  They might have trouble trying to get all of them on stage at the same time.

Oh, I almost forgot, here is a dark horse.  The Governor of Georgia.

It could be worse, at one time Georgia had three ( 3 ) people claiming to be Governor.

Love means you never have to say you’re sorry—or I lost.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Stars, Dust, and Gas near NGC 3572
Image Credit & Copyright: Andrew Campbell

Explanation: Star formation can be colorful. This chromatic cosmic portrait features glowing gas and dark dust near some recently formed stars of NGC 3572, a little-studied star cluster near the Carina Nebula. Stars from NGC 3572 are visible near the bottom of the image, while the expansive gas cloud above is likely what remains of their formation nebula. The image‘s striking hues were created by featuring specific colors emitted by hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur, and blending them with images recorded through broadband filters in red, green, and blue. This nebula near NGC 3572 spans about 100 light years and lies about 9,000 light years away toward the southern constellation of the Ship’s Keel (Carina). Within a few million years the pictured gas will likely disperse, while gravitational encounters will likely disperse the cluster stars over about a billion years.

Tomorrow’s picture: famous spiral