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The Editor:  Which is more important, LL ?

Nancy Reagan Cat:  Both are important-like chocolate and peanut butter.   Nancy might have been right when she said, ” just say no “, to drugs.  Too many people get saying no confused with discrimination.  Here is a perfect example of liberals telling women athletes that they are second class.  The whole uproar could be solved by saying NO you are a male, with x-y chromosomes.  The same applies to bathrooms.

TE:  What would be an example of a fool, NRC ?

Manual Cat:   Keep manual control of necessities in your life.  You are a fool to let someone you don’t even know control your property.

The biggest corporate FOOL recently has been Boeing.  Their hopping in bed with the FAA is going to be mucho expensive.

These guys are fools.  Nobody knows what changing  a gene will do.  It’s like changing a recipe or a blue print, there are thousands of electrical and chemical interactions.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Planet and the Pipe
Image Credit & Copyright: Alain Maury, Jean-Marc Mari

Explanation: Now posing against our galaxy’s rich starfields and nebulae, brilliant planet Jupiter shines in the night sky. Its almost overwhelming glow is near the top of the frame in this colorful telephoto portrait of the central Milky Way. Spanning about 20 degrees on the sky, the scene includes the silhouette of LDN 1773 against the starlight, also know by the popular moniker the Pipe Nebula for its apparent outline of stem and bowl. The Pipe Nebula is part of the galaxy’s Ophiuchus dark cloud complex. Located at a distance of about 450 light-years, dense cores of gas and dust within are collapsing to form stars. Approaching its opposition, opposite the Sun in the sky on June 12, Jupiter is only about 36 light-minutes from planet Earth. Fans of dark markings on the sky can probably spot the Snake Nebula below and left of Jupiter’s glare.

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