This is too funny.  Wikipedia,  John Dean for a laugh.  O.J. Simpson talking about ethics would have been a better choice.


The Editor:  Is woked the same as woke. LL ?

SJW Not Cat:   No.  The Social Justice Warriors got woked by the jury.  I hope Oberlin College has to pay three times as much in punitive damage.

Here are some just regularly ” was woke items “.  Where are the State Department Travel Warnings ?  Death in the Dominican.

She wants her money.

It’s safer than Chi-town.

Pretty soon they will be giving odds on which horse will die at Santa Anita.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—–WOKED

  1. The Demoidiots had to settle for John Dean because Charles Manson died and The Creepy Porn Lawyer is in jail.

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