The Editor:  When should we recycle things,  LL ?

Environmental Cat:  Everything that’s possible to recycle should be recycled.  Here are some dead whales that should be towed out to sea and let nature do what she does best.

People never learn.  They tried to blow this whale up, but just scattered blubber over half of Oregon.  Highway Department employees had a plan.  This is why some are rated just above Congressmen/Congresswomen on the stupid scale.

All of these idiots are rated above the Boeing management that killed three hundred  forty-six  ( 346 )   people as a result of their greed.

This guy is polling  0 %.

Now the robots are our best buddies.


  1. The Duggar family has 19 kids….one more than showed up at Swalwell’s Gun Control speech. He should just go to their house next time to give his speeches. If he can get Mama and Papa Duggar out of the bedroom long enough….he could actually have 21 at his next speech. That family is strange, they blame having 19 kids on Jesus…all their children’s name even starts with the letter J. What a mess!

  2. Let me get this straight….now we are too lazy to take a job as a dishwasher in America? More than half a million jobs to be replaced by machines. I cannot see a bright side to all this ‘PROGRESS.’
    It is not like people are going to Dishwasher University to get Dishwasher Degrees. It is a job for teens to learn “what used to be” the basics in life. Like getting out of bed, getting to work on time, getting tired, making a little money, paying for their own car or insurance, contributing to their own college expenses, etc. OOPS! I forgot…..the Socialists are going to use taxpayer money for all these benefits now.

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