The Editor:  Who are some losers, LL ?

Snake Eyes Cat:  Any future flyers who put up with this seat are big time losers.

CNN is still losing.

Acosta and his book are repulsive losers.

The city of Fresno, California taxpayers are losers for electing politicians who have voted taxpayer money to GANG MEMBERS for not killing people.  You can call it what you want.

New Orleans was a temporary loser.

Here is still the biggest loser in presidential history.  She has to embezzle money to fly the cheap  Clinton Foundation airplane.   No  Air Force One.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—-LOSERS

  1. How ridiculous are these bicycle seats on the air planes? Why don’t they put the pedals back on the bikes and charge the customers for a Gym Membership? Airlines get more greedy and stupid everyday. Have you ever wondered how many flights are unnecessary anyway? Our entire world, SADLY, is covered by the World Wide Web. Facetime, Skype, etc. all live at the snap of a finger. Why are all the business trips necessary? They aren’t? Ask Nancy Pelosi if the airline trips are necessary? She and her entire load of tax ticks were grounded by President Trump…at the snap of a finger.

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