Creepy Thoughts….



Once upon a time, I worked at DeSter, a plastics facility in Thomaston, Georgia. I have so much respect for Mr. John King, The Man In Charge, of DeSter at that time. We were at the point where we needed to hire an additional Production Supervisor. A notification was posted explaining the job requirements so that current employees would have an opportunity to apply for the job. The list of interested employees grew very large.

Mr. King would often come in very early, even before daylight, and make rounds of the production floor as he talked to the employees. One morning I expressed to him “we sure have a lot of internal interest in the job opening for Production Supervisor.” I thought I was making a positive statement to Mr. King. I thought that until he replied, “Yes, we do and that really concerns me.” He went on to explain, “It makes me wonder about the competence of my current Supervisors when so many on the list watch them at work and still think they are qualified for such an important job.”

I was stunned but impressed. His reply changed my way of thinking and I have never forgotten that conversation with Mr. King. I thought about it on Wednesday and Thursday night as I watched, what I could stand of, the Democrat debates.

Now I realize how much Barack Obama “Lowered The Bar” for the expectations of a presidential nominee. Because,  for any of these contenders to think they are qualified to be the Democrat nominee in 2020…that bar has to be so low that a snake can crawl over it.

And one will.

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