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Bird’s Eye View


The first two Democratic debates have concluded, and in my opinion, the only clear winner was Donald Trump. The twenty candidates who participated in the first round of debates never laid a glove on Trump after four hours of softball questions and base-pandering answers. However, they did give Trump enough ammunition to feed a rapid-fire machine gun. Trump will respond with his predictable and expected counter punches in the coming weeks and months.

The video highlight that the Republican Party and President Trump will gleefully use over and over again for the next 16 months is the clip when all the candidates in the second debate raised their hands in support of free healthcare for illegal immigrants. This moment will become an important campaign talking point for Trump – no matter who is selected to be the Democratic (Socialist) candidate. It is now clear the entire Democrat Party favors illegal immigrants over our military veterans, the homeless, the mentally ill, and the poor – all who are actual citizens of our country.

Many of the Democratic candidates also want to change our multi-faceted healthcare systems and private healthcare insurance plans with a “free” government-mandated healthcare system. Maybe we should hit the pause button for a minute and consider some of the activities run by the government today. They run the post office, AMTRAK, the Veterans Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, Medicare, and Medicaid. Do any of these agencies inspire you with the quality of their work, the dedication and performance of their civil servants, or the ability to show continuous improvement? As a taxpayer, do you feel you are receiving value for your tax dollars with any of these government programs?

Here are a few questions that you might want to ask yourself before you enter the polling booth next November:

(1) Are you willing to turn over total control of your healthcare to an elected politician and an army of unelected bureaucrats?
(2) Are you willing to let the government decide who your doctor will be, when you can see your doctor, and what types of medicines you will be allowed to take?
(3) Do you really believe a government-mandated healthcare system will be free?
(4) Do you support free healthcare for all illegal immigrants?
(5) Can you name one country where the government run healthcare system is better than our current healthcare system?






The Editor:  What is fifty years plus about, LL ?

Psychedelic Cat:   It’s the anniversary of the Americans landing on the moon, and Woodstock.  The plus is the 1967 Summer of Love.

We need more people in politics with the ” Right Stuff “.

Marianne should win for being the only slimy Democrat not spewing venom, bitterness, poison, hate America, and other vile concoctions.  The  summer of love and peace, fifty plus years ago.

Today San Francisco is a rat hole.  They need the Flower People back.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Big Corona
Image Credit & Copyright: P. Horálek, Z. Hoder, M. Druckmüller, P. Aniol, S. Habbal / Solar Wind Sherpas

Explanation: Most photographs don’t adequately portray the magnificence of the Sun‘s corona. Seeing the corona first-hand during a total solar eclipse is unparalleled. The human eye can adapt to see coronal features and extent that average cameras usually cannot. Welcome, however, to the digital age. The featured central image digitally combined short and long exposures that were processed to highlight faint and extended features in the corona of the total solar eclipse that occurred in August of 2017. Clearly visible are intricate layers and glowing caustics of an ever changing mixture of hot gas and magnetic fields in the Sun’s corona. Looping prominences appear bright pink just past the Sun’s limb. Faint details on the night side of the New Moon can even be made out, illuminated by sunlight reflected from the dayside of the Full Earth. Images taken seconds before and after the total eclipse show glimpses of the background Sun known as Baily’s Beads and Diamond Ring. Tomorrow, a new total solar eclipse will be visible from parts of South America.

Tomorrow’s picture: galactic spiral