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Some foods can kill you!


A Doctor was addressing a large audience in Tampa.

“The material we put into our stomachs is enough to have killed most of us sitting here, years ago.

Red meat is awful.

Soft drinks corrode your stomach lining.

Chinese food is loaded with MSG.

High fat diets can be disastrous, and none of us realizes the long-term harm caused by the germs in our drinking water.

However, there is one thing that is the most dangerous of all and we all have eaten, or will eat it. Can anyone here tell me what food it is that causes the most grief and suffering for years after eating it?”

After several seconds of quiet, a 75-year-old man in the front row raised his hand, and softly asked,

“Wedding Cake?”


From: Hank Ashmore

The Deplorable Infidel




Over at the Atlantic, James Fallows uses the words of a reader to “trenchantly” unmask Donald Trump –  America has elected a carnival barker with absolutely no clue about history, government, the machinations of global finance, nor even GOP politics. There is no plan, there is no strategy, there is no underlying wisdom or thought with each step.

This argument presumes that lefties are audience to a fly-by-night carnival when in fact lefties headline the sketchy buffoonery offered at center ring and on the sideshow. Democrats have no plan. What do Democrats offer in lieu of a plan? They offer freaks as enticement and argument. Whoopi Goldburg continues to astonish with an ability to present herself to the public while donning a palette of personal characteristics that best resemble a blast of bad breath on a crowded elevator. Joining Whoopi today is abnormally bespectacled conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow to suggest that strongwomen in tie-dyed Megan Rapinoe should offer her sour mug as a presidential candidate even though it is obvious that Megan’s synapses light up only upon random occasion, like the Cuyahoga River circa 1969. Democrats laud and promote this variety of polluted femininity as if it were something new, something heroic, or something to take “pride” in. In reality, it is just another muddy pageant of goons for lefties to publicly wallow in.

Fallows and his trenchant reader-ghostwriter do not touch upon the long-term Democratic Party strategy behind, let’s say, open borders. Is there a plan for feeding, clothing, educating, and providing jobs for immigrants, or are these people just another anthropological Potemkin City for virtue- signaling lefties to fly over on their way to somewhere else? Tell us of the great design, oh, trenchant lefties: how many immigrants until your master plan rolls into high gear? Are you planning on 11, 30, or 500 million? The vitality of our economy and standing in the world could be affected if you intend on bringing in an even billion. Be good enough to let us know what you are planning; it would be the trenchant thing to do. Democrats are never trenchant; Democrats are always thoughtless. They doll up in undies for the next gay-themed parade and then claim to be adults in the room. Here is a short list of the trenchant money holes they plan to install the next time they win a presidential election: universal Child Care, Dept-Free College, Guaranteed Income, Reparations, Affordable Housing, and Medicare for All.

It’s all so gross, so irresponsible, and so vainly pompous that it’s little wonder Trump is barking all the time; it’s the only way to keep the stupid sheep from racing over the cliff.

Michael James, American Thinker



“If our country is to survive and prosper, we must summon the courage to condemn and reject the liberal agenda, and we must do it soon.”

– Walter Williams-



It was certainly a surprise to me when I heard that Nancy Pelosi was a racist. However, it has turned out that everyone is a racist except the four America hating moron Democrats that comprise the “Squad”. They just need to take a look at themselves in a mirror to see what a real racist looks like.



This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.


I am Donald Trump and I approve this message…

Donald Trump should just televise this Bill Clinton speech from 1995 and then simply state “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message.”

Oh, please, let this go viral.  Not one word of commentary needs to be added.    
Very short video – about 84 seconds.


  https://www.c-spanorg/video/? c4351026/c

Bicycling through Cuba . .

Very interesting perspective from a person who actually rode a bicycle through CUBA and really got to see what it is like……

As a 77 yr. old guy who has gone to Europe, Canada, Mexico and now Cuba for bicycle road trips,  I thought you might enjoy reading my report of my bike trip to Cuba:

On February 1st I flew to Atlanta, met some friends and we flew to Cancun, Mexico  We spent 4 days there, mostly touring the Mayan ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza and getting ready for the next part of the adventure.  Seven more people flew in and we all boarded a Mexican airline, Interjet, and flew to Havana for a week of bicycle riding in Cuba.

Cuba, where nothing works, including the people.  Unemployment is 48% and of those who do work, 8 out of every 10 work for the government.  Before heading to the western part of the island, we spent a night in Havana at the Riviera Classic, the finest hotel at one time.  20 stories with 3 elevators, but only one worked. Contrary to what I found in the rest of the country, my shower only had hot water.  Turn the knobs all you want, but you only got hot, scalding water.

The stories about the old cars is quite true, but many of those cars are used to take tourists on tours of the city.  $30.00 gets you 2 hours in a 1952 Cadillac convertible and you can pile in as many people in as you want. Old Chevys seem to be the most popular and a few are quite nicely restored.  They all fell in the 1941 to 1957 range. I saw nothing newer than a 57. By restored, I mean they look good on the outside, but as our Cuban tour guide said, there would not be a V8 under the hood.  The original had failed decades ago and with no parts to fix it, other means had to be found. Generally, that involved putting a 4 cylinder Russian made diesel in and making the necessary changes to get it to fit and mate up with an unknown transmission.

The country is still in the 19th century.  Many people walk, but equally as many use horses, both to ride and pull carts.  I saw wagons pulled by oxen on the highway. We traveled by motor coach, stayed in crude motels, and ate in restaurants; all owned by the government.  Staying clean was a challenge. In the public restrooms washing your hands was interesting. You need three things to wash your hands; water, soap, towel to dry.  Well, the towel was your shirt or pants, because there never was any towels. In 1/3 of the toilets there was no water and in one case, there was a lady standing beside the sink with a bottle of water to pour over your hands.  In an equal number of places, there was no soap.

If you thought not having soap and water in the restroom was a problem, imagine not having a toilet SEAT.  Yep, no toilet seat and it wasn’t just confined to public facilities. One of the rooms we stayed in had no toilet seat, which was matched by the fact there was no toilet paper.  In its place, somebody had carefully torn individual sheets of toilet paper from a roll and placed them on the back of the toilet.

Free health care and education is one of the things Castro brought with his revolution.  The healthcare is generally limited to the bigger cities. Our guide told us that a taxi driver in Havana earned more in tips each day than a medical doctor earned in salary in one month.  Oh, and the doctor can be arrested and jailed if he attempts to treat people on the side for extra money. Education is free, but the reality is that most people cannot afford to stay in school.  Our tour guide was the exception. He completed college and got a Master’s degree in computer technology, but can’t find a job in that field, so he conducts tours.

We visited a tobacco farm, where we had the opportunity to purchase genuine Cuba cigars for $3.25.  The farm had been in this man’s family for 3 generations, but only recently had actual title been put back in his name.  The government claimed it after the revolution. After harvest, the government takes 90% of the tobacco, leaving the farmer with just 10% for his “own personal use”.  He chose to demonstrate how to hand roll a cigar, then sell it to tourists. I asked our guide if all farmers lost 90% of their crop to the government. His reply, “Oh no, vegetable farmers only give up 60% of their crop”.

The roads looked like they had been carpet bombed with huge potholes everywhere.  Add that to the very steep hills we encountered and it made for slow biking. While I am no speed demon, one day I averaged just 4.5 MPH as I attempted to find bits of pavement between the holes in the road.  In many cases, there was no road, just dirt and when the trucks went past, we were engulfed in a storm of dust and exhaust fumes. A few of the trucks were left over Russian military vehicles. Personal transportation in the rural area was provided by stake bodied trucks.  People would stand by the side of the road and climb aboard when such a truck came by. The fare was around 8 cents and you stood packed in the bed of the truck with several dozen other people.

Those on welfare receive $25 a month, plus a ration of beans, rice, and cooking oil.  The money came from the Cuban government, but the Russians provided the food. Each month a supply cargo ship docks with beans, rice, and cooking oil sent by the Russians.  Speaking of them, the Cuban version of the Missile Crisis is quite different from what we heard in the US.

Glad I went, but have no desire to return.  Cuba makes our inner cities look like paradise and the poverty is staggering.  After two weeks abroad, we flew home and I spent the night in a Hampton Inn at the Atlanta airport, before catching an early morning flight back to Seattle.  Took the longest hot water shower ever after having a cheeseburger, fries and two gin & tonics for dinner. I was really glad to be back.

Dedicated to all supporters of our Democrat presidential contenders who believe “Government Socialism” is so much better than “Capitalism.”

You will soon have a choice to make!





The Editor:  Can you answer some questions, LL ?

Answer Cat:  I will try.

TE:  This is from a loyal reader who was on the Concordia.  Can we have more drama, like on the ship wreck ?

Currently our archive has two that are available, the rest are checked out by the White House.  The first is from Europe.

The second is about how Trump keeps the Demodemons crying and whining about white privilege,  slavery, and racism.  There are so many that the media takes turns broadcasting their antics.  This week it is the Mod Squad, Fab Four, or just Demo Dummies.  Skanks is more fitting.  You haven’t seen crying until Trump replaces RBG.

Joe and de Blasio are catching some flack.

Willy Brown wonders how are Kamala and the DemocRATs doing ?

Many songs require headphones, the internet has no standards.

Covered Bridge

The Knowlton or Long Covered Bridge (World Guide Number 35-56-18) was built in 1887 spanning Little Muskingum River, north of Rinard Mills in rural Monroe County, Ohio. It is 192 feet long, three span, multiple kingpost truss bridge with arches in the center span. As is apparent in the photos taken in April 2018, the bridge is in very poor condition. Since it was fenced off at the end I was unable to get on it and photograph the interior as I would have liked.

Unfortunately the center span collapsed about 6:00 p.m. EDT 7/5/2019. It seems unlikely that Monroe County will be able to find the money needed to restore this structure, but the county was awarded a grant to rehabilitate the bridge, but they didn’t act quickly enough to save the structure. Another one of Ohio’s 147 traditional covered bridges is probably gone forever. There were between 12,000 and 15,000 covered bridges built in the U.S. during the 19th and 20th centuries. Today there are less than 900 of them.



Astronomy Picture of the Day

Apollo 11: Descent to the Moon
Video Credit: NASA, Apollo Flight Journal Compilation & Copyright: W. David Woods

Explanation: It had never been done before. But with the words “You’re Go for landing”, 50 years ago this Saturday, Apollo 11 astronauts Aldrin and Armstrong were cleared to make the first try. The next few minutes would contain more than a bit of drama, as an unexpected boulder field and an unacceptably sloping crater loomed below. With fuel dwindling, Armstrong coolly rocketed the lander above the lunar surface as he looked for a clear and flat place to land. With only seconds of fuel remaining, and with the help of Aldrin and mission control calling out data, Armstrong finally found a safe spot — and put the Eagle down. Many people on Earth listening to the live audio felt great relief on hearing “The Eagle has landed”, and great pride knowing that for the first time ever, human beings were on the Moon. Combined in the featured descent video are two audio feeds, a video feed similar to what the astronauts saw, captions of the dialog, and data including the tilt of the Eagle lander. The video concludes with the panorama of the lunar landscape visible outside the Eagle. A few hours later, hundreds of millions of people across planet Earth, drawn together as a single species, watched fellow humans walk on the Moon.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space