The Editor:  Is this like a National Geographic special, LL ?

Jane Goodall Cat:  It sure is, but even better.  CNN announced that Mark Sanford was thinking of running against Trump.  Some of our loyal readers might remember that he was governor of South Carolina.  He disappeared for a few days while in office and his staff said that he was hiking the Appalachia Trail.

TE:  That is great, he is a nature lover, enjoys the outdoors, and mountain climbing.

Zebulon Pike Cat:  Not really, the only climbing done was in Buenos Aires, Argentina in  Maria Chapur’s bed  ( his new girlfriend ).,28804,1908008_1908007_1907930,00.html

He didn’t even get to use our tips on hiking and “switchbacks”.

TE:  Is Trump worried about him ?

Spanish Cat:  No, he said he wouldn’t worry about someone who would kiss and tell, and too stupid to pay her money  to keep quiet.


  1. Good morning Lois Lion….I wonder how the debt became $20,000 for the unpaid school lunches? I wonder how four families accumulated a debt of $450. So, next year the school qualifies for free lunches….the parents should just say the kids are illegal immigrants, then they will get free lunches and a breakfast and supper to go. By the way, what in the world is wrong with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

  2. The kids in the Pennsylvania schools said “They refuse to eat Moochelle’s carrots.” They said, “She can stick her carrots where her Mom put rectal thermometers.” Those Rascally Wittle Wug Wats!

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