On My Soapbox…..



I had quite a few readers ask me if I would be watching the Mueller hearings yesterday.

I did watch every minute but I only half-listened.

Seriously, each time a  Democrat spoke, I pressed my MUTE button.

When I do that, it gives me a chance to really look at the Dems without being distracted by their worthless opinions and propaganda. So, I was looking at Adam Schiff. I have a serious question for the person who dresses him.

How do you find a dress shirt to fit his tiny little neck?

Then it came to me:  It has to be an infant onesie.

Image result for dress shirt onesies babies

As you can see, I like mental images. My mental image of the hearings yesterday looks like this:

In the beginning, the Dems are so happy and confident,  as they are about to toss a hand grenade to The Republicans and President Trump…..

Image result for a hand grenade with the pin still intact

at the end of the pitiful and non-productive hearings…..we pulled the pin and tossed it back to them!



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