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From: Hank Ashmore

The Deplorable Infidel




Recently, I wrote an article expounding on the theory that Barack Obama didn’t hate America, he hated Americans. Current events involving prominent Democrats, however, have given me a reason to doubt my hypothesis. I now believe he hates both America and Americans; and at this point, looking at the slate of Democrats who seek the presidency, as well as the constant and visceral provocations of the four female morons of the idiocracy, he is not alone. In fact, the Democratic Party have metamorphosed from an entity concerned with politics into a religion steeped in a comprehensive creed of hatred and resentment.

The New Woke creed preaches that America was created by genocide, slavery, and greed. Unique in the world, we are a nation with no redeeming qualities. As Barry’s pal Jeremiah Wright said ‘God damn America.” At the time he said it and Barry cheered, however, they were outliners. Now it is the Democratic Party policy that America is deserving of neither respect nor admiration, much less love. Therefore, you will never hear a Democrat, especially one running for president, ever say anything positive about this country or its citizenry. The New Woke believe there is nothing positive that can be said and that Americans who don’t believe exactly as they do are evil.

The New Woke wants open borders, with crossing illegally no longer a criminal act, free college and healthcare for illegals, as well as driver’s licenses and sanctuary, and of course the right to vote. Point out that this is a better deal than citizens get, and you will be labeled a racist clinging to your guns and religion with an unnatural and malicious fear of the “other.” They plead for confiscatory taxation of the “rich” with the definition of “rich” open to fungible interpretation, so that they can raise up the poor, feed the hungry, pay reparations to blacks, indigenous peoples, gays, and also illegals, who were kept “in the shadows” by our unfair immigration policies and unreasonable insistence on borders. Only greedy, selfish, racist bastards would be against that. Federally funded and “free on demand” abortions, before, during, and after pregnancy are only opposed by misogynist and the religious right who are against women’s health, safety, and freedom. Forgiveness of trillions of dollars in student loans is only fair because every person has the right to college, and a degree in puppetry if that’s what his “truth” tells him he should pursue. Who could be against educating youth?

Listen to any of the 1 of 1024 (a shout-out to Indigenous-Warren) New Woke Party candidates running for president and you would think we were all living in a dystopian hell ruled by white supremacist and corporate criminals intent on raping and pillaging their way to eternal power and wealth – and that’s before they even start talking about Donald Trump, who in their telling is the worst human being to have ever been born of woman. However, believe it or not, this really isn’t about Trump. The New Woke would hate any president who stands between them and power. Yet, we should be grateful we have a man like Trump who will fight for us as he does every day. He may never be “politics as usual” but he will not mince words because he doesn’t care what they say. It has been a long time since we’ve had someone like that on our side … too long.

The New Woke Party hates America and Americans! Should Trump lose his bid for reelection in 2020 to any of these nut cases, they will surely show us just how much.

William L. Gensert



“If our country is to survive and prosper, we must summon the courage to condemn and reject the liberal agenda, and we had better do it soon.”

 -Walter Williams-



Adam “Shifty” Schiff has proved once again that you do not have to have any intelligence to be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.



The word “woke” is an adjective meaning alert to injustice in society, especially racism.





The Editor:   Where is there not a crisis, LL ?

Hilton Cat:  Send the non-critical illegals to The Democratic National Committee Headquarters, The Washington Post Home Office, NBC Headquarters, and the homes of every Demorat in the House of Representatives.  The full hotels will raise the rates on citizens (  supply and demand ).

The Chinese are still poisoning us, and about to make a crisis in the Pacific.

Relax and have four ( 4 ) cups of real coffee, not the Starbucks junk.

I hope these are the last articles about these thieves.


The Zumbrota Covered Bridge

The Zumbrota Covered Bridge is the last covered bridge in Minnesota. It spans the North Fork of the Zumbro River in the town of Zumbrota. It is 120 feet long and utilizes very unusual lattice type trusses.

In 1869, the Stafford Western Emigration Company contracted a member of their organization to construct the bridge. The bridge was constructed at a cost of $5,800 by a local carpenter using a unique lattice truss design. The bridge was built with white-pine timbers used for the structural supports and the floor, and the planks were pinned together with turned white-oak dowels. Shortly after the bridge was constructed, the Stafford Western Emigration Company enclosed it with weatherproof sides and portals and a low gabled roof with cedar shingles. A vertical board-and-batten exterior trim was added to the sides and portals. The enclosure was completed by 1871 and served to lengthen the life of the structural supports beyond their normal projected twenty years of serviceability. The exterior was originally painted red, in later years it was painted white. In 1932, when the covered bridge was replaced by the Minnesota Highway Department with a steel bridge that could handle the increased traffic, it was moved to the nearby Goodhue County Fairgrounds for preservation purposes. The organization of the Zumbrota Covered Bridge Society began the community’s efforts to preserve the last remaining covered bridge in Minnesota. Repainted red and reroofed with cedar shingles, the bridge was moved to the Zumbrota Covered Bridge Park in 1970. In 1997, the Covered Bridge was placed over the Zumbro River at West Avenue, one block west of its original location and near the new City Hall and new Public Library. The preservation of the covered bridge is assured not only by the community and the Covered Bridge Society, but also by the Goodhue County Historical Society and the Minnesota Historical Society which has contributed both support and technical assistance.

Last winter the roof collapsed due to the heavy snow load and a temporary flat roof was installed.



Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Veins of Heaven
Image Credit & Copyright: P-M Hedén (Clear Skies, TWAN)

Explanation: Transfusing sunlight through a still dark sky, this exceptional display of noctilucent clouds was captured earlier this month, reflected in the calm waters of Vallentuna Lake near Stockholm, Sweden. From the edge of space, about 80 kilometers above Earth’s surface, the icy clouds themselves still reflect sunlight even though the Sun is below the horizon as seen from the ground. Usually spotted at high latitudes in summer months the night shining clouds have made a strong showing so far during the short northern summer nights. Also known as polar mesopheric clouds they are understood to form as water vapor driven into the cold upper atmosphere condenses on the fine dust particles supplied by disintegrating meteors or volcanic ash. NASA’s AIM mission provides daily projections of noctilucent clouds as seen from space.

Tomorrow’s picture: launch and last light