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The Elizabethton Covered Bridge

The Elizabethton Covered Bridge was built in 1882 and spans Doe River in Carter County, Tennessee. It is 134 feet long and utilizes Howe Trusses.

As the county seat, Elizabethton grew throughout the 19th century. However, Lynn Mountain hemmed it in to the east and the Watauga River lay to the north. The Doe River flooded often and limited growth to the south. To span westward, to the site of the current downtown, the city would need a bridge over the Doe River. After extensive debate, in 1882 the Carter County Court approved $3,000 for the bridge and $300 for approaches. The court appointed a committee to select a site for the bridge. However, the committee encountered an unexpected problem — the men could not find a qualified contractor to erect the bridge. A local doctor, E.E. Hunter, accepted the contract and hired experienced people to work on the bridge. Hunter selected Thomas Matson, who had been an engineer for the narrow gauge Tweetsie Railroad as an engineer and architect. Hunter referred to the bridge as his “five dollar bridge” since he made a profit of $5 as contractor. Although logs from a lumber operation and a barn were thrown against the covered bridge and its supports during a disastrous flood in 1901, this was the only major bridge in the area to survive.




Blue lights….

An elderly lady is driving down the Avenue, when she sees blue lights in her rear view mirror. She pulls over and stops.

A young rookie policeman looks thru her window and says, “You were driving pretty fast, Ma’am.” She replies, “I don’t think so officer, I was driving the speed limit!”

The officer does not reply, but asks for her driver’s license. She states, “Ahh, I don’t have one…they took it away from me three years ago for DUI!” The young man’s eyes get very big! “Can I see your auto registration?” She responds, “Don’t have one…honestly, I stole this car yesterday. The owner is dead in the trunk. I shot him!”

The officer pulls his gun, telling her not to move. He calls for back up, and, in two minutes had five cruisers around the Lady’s car.

The Sergeant comes to her car and says, “Looks as if we have a problem here, Ma’am!” This officer says you don’t have a driver’s license, registration, and you stole the car and have a dead body in the trunk!”

The lady looks at the Sergeant and says “What?” Here’s my driver’s license and registration.” Here’s the key to the trunk.”

The Sergeant goes to the trunk, and to his surprise, the trunk is empty and clean. He comes back to the lady and says, “I don’t understand! My officer said you didnt have a license or registration, and there was a dead body in the trunk!!”

The lady responds, “Yeah, and I bet the lying S.O.B told you I was speeding too!”





The Editor:  What is the news from Iran, LL ?

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Here is what Democrats/Progressives give you.

The roads are dangerous.

Be careful with Mexican and Dominican Republic vacations.

Try Norway.