On My Soapbox…Damn Democrats

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Just as I predicted,  the Democrats are blaming President Trump because an idiot killed people in Texas.

It is quite evident the murderer had no respect for the law.

Why should he…..we have Sanctuary Cities all over America because Democrats have no respect for the law.

Why should he…..we have Democrats leaking the time and place of ICE raids so that criminal illegals can run from the law.

Why should he…..we have NANCY PELOSI telling illegal immigrants that they do not have to open the door if ICE agents knock on their door.

Why should he…..we have a muslim Democrat congresswoman who committed identity fraud to sneak into our country, married her brother so that he too could sneak in, while she was already married to her Babies Daddy. Maybe…who knows. Mama’s Baby…Daddy’s Maybe. (Perhaps her kids call both men “Uncle Daddy.”) Now she is separated from the second man because “the heat got too hot so she got out of the kitchen.”

Why should he…. AOC’s Chief Staff member has just resigned because he got caught stealing campaign money.

I could go on until my computer runs out of alphabet letters about these Damn Crooked Lying Liberal Socialist American-Hating Democrat politicians.

They are SICKENING!!!!

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