Epstein’s pimp Ghislaine Maxwell was at Chelsea’s wedding.  Invitation only.


The Editor:  What are the animal stories, LL ?

I Wish Cats Were In Charge For One Day Cat:  Trump’s wildlife and pollution policies are pitiful.

Here is an industrious frog.

The airlines are like most for-profit businesses, they will do anything to save a buck.  Until you stop flying, they will even hire alcoholics and dope fiends.

The veterinarian wanted to know if he was insured.

The FAA and DOT are run by licensed killers.  First the FAA approves Boeing’s flying death trap, and now the DOT wants you to fly with killer dogs.  I wouldn’t fly on a plane that didn’t muzzle all service/support dogs.

Apple is a greedy company.  I hope millions of people by products of other companies.  Amazon needs to be broken up by the Justice Department.

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