The Bible or Chucky Covered Bridge

The Bible or Chucky Covered Bridge was built in 1922 and spans Little Chucky Creek in Greene County, Tennessee. It is 57 feet long and utilizes queenpost trusses.

Bible or Chucky Bridge over Little Chucky Creek was built in 1922 or 1923. The area around the Bible Bridge was settled by Christian Bible in 1783. At least ten covered bridges once crossed Nolichucky Creek. All were washed away by floodwaters in 1900. In 1940 the county court requested the county’s financial committee to determine a just compensation for Mr. Bible in order to make public his farm road and bridge. The court subsequently agreed to pay him $750 for the bridge. Around 1972-73 the bridge was rehabilitated. The previous bridge had no windows, vertical gable ends and a ventilation area of horizontal slats along the roof line. The rehabilitated structure contained three windows on each side, projecting end gables a ventilation area of diagonal slats as well as a new roof bracing system and a shingle roof. It retained the original wooden and steel truss members, original concrete substructure and an older (and possibly original) floor. Bypassed and closed to motor traffic in 1987-88 after the Department of Transportation erected a new bridge adjacent to the site. The bridge, prior to restoration in 2004, displayed an extreme sag, arson attempts were visible and severe timber rot was evident. The structure is supported by a half-height Queenpost/Kingpost combination truss, modified by the addition of iron rod tension members at each end of the horizontal member and a Kingpost truss centered under the horizontal member. The Kingpost truss has an iron rod in place of the normally used vertical timber tension member. The modified Queenpost/Kingpost combination truss is off center toward the left downstream portal. The bridge is in an open setting, with the Denver Bible Lane bypass bridge very close, on the upstream side, SR 349 at the right downstream portal and bypassed Old Denver Bible Lane culminating in a parking area.




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