The Editor:  Is it true about Trump buying Greenland, LL ?

Viking Cat:  It sure is.  Denmark is just playing along until the 2020 election.   Trump used the Obama Method to make the down payment, like Obama used to pay the Iranians.  Here is a video of the first payment delivery.

Here are the first new residents.

TE:  Are there any secrets that you can reveal, VC ?

Daughter of Freya Cat:  The President has to relieve the pressure on Guam.  It is about to tip over.  Greenland will be able to provide homes for many millions.

The Democrats/Communist/Socialist and others that don’t like America and her Bill of Rights can move to Greenland.  They can create their own government that is suitable for them.

This is the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock.  We thank our soldiers who were in Vietnam at the time.

Peter Fonda had good timing.


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