The Editor:  Who are the portraits of, LL ?

Da Vinci Puzzle Cat:  I’m not sure, but they are interesting.  Ole Bill is even creepier on canvas.

Speaking of bizarre Senator Bernie talked politics with Cardi B.  Surely, he will surge back into the lead for his party’s presidential nomination.

Here is her initial interview as a true Democrat.

This is why elections should be on paper.  You can throw them away, but otherwise they are secure.  It’s simple, safe,  secure, and the least costly—no muss, no fuss.

These are some Democrats that the news ignores.


  1. I guess Slick Willie decided if his bride would not wear a dress, he would. The only other portraits that are this bizarre are obama and michelle’s white house portraits. She is wearing a dress with a Geometry Test pattern and he looks like someone tossed him into a kudzu patch. lol

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