Where is the news media ?


The Editor:  Is it true than Obama had a scandal free administration, LL ?

It’s True Cat:  He sure did, except for all the disasters we have covered previously.  Here is one that keeps being spread by the Democrat losers and news media.   The Michael Brown shooting.  It was even cleared by Obama’s corrupt Attorney General and DOJ.

This was sent in by a loyal reader.

I almost forgot this.

The Georgia Governor wants to resign and run for Vice President.   She sure would be an asset to anyplace other than Georgia, U.S.A.   They have bumper stickers already printed that read,  ”  The IQ of both places went up when she moved to DC “.

The Demostinkyslimesewerrats are ignorant of the Constitution.  The voters should make the candidates read and explain the Bill of Rights at town meetings.

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