Bird’s Eye View



Did you see Senator Graham on the Sunday talk shows saying that he is firmly committed to getting to the bottom of the Russian hoax? He said he intends to leave no rock unturned in his mission. The problem with his statement is that he has been the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee for about 8 months now and has yet to call a single witness and he has not held a single meeting to set the groundwork so he can dig deep into the subject. Here is my suggestion to Senator Graham. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO YOUR JOB!! He likes to talk a good game but he seldom plays a good game. If he is waiting for the DOJ IG report or for Durham to finalize his investigation we will be looking at the 2020 elections before he calls his first witness. Maybe Senator Graham is like the rest of the Washington establishment – protect their empires regardless of party. I am sick and tired of hearing “We are going to do this ……………. and get to the bottom of the problem.” Might I suggest that you trade in your shovel for a Cat backhoe that has some serious earth moving capability. Your shovel isn’t going to make a dent in the trench warfare in Washington and you know it. At least Bill Barr is making an effort to drain the swamp. Senator Graham, you have shown us very little since the midterm elections and quite frankly I don’t expect you to show us much more in the next year.

Now that The Squad is in an all out attack mode against Israel I wonder where all the Jewish American voters are on this issue. In the past the Jewish vote has always been heavily weighted toward Democrats. The Dems are showing a clear anti-Jewish position while Trump has been a strong supporter of Israel since taking office. The 2020 elections will be key to what happens in the future. I suspect that Jews will continue to support Democrats even in this environment. Maybe someone can explain why this happens as I have no logical answer. Have you noticed that Chucky Schumer has been AWOL on all the dialogue taking place. Maybe he is Jewish in name only.

Today we saw that Horizontal Harris took a major drop in the polls. Could her past be catching up with her? It seems like she took a bullet in the last debate and has not been able to right the ship. Maybe she needs to get on her knees and pray for a miracle ……………. or maybe do what she has been known for during her rapid rise in CA politics. Here is a new prediction. Gavin Newson will be the 2024 Democrat candidate for president. He is trying to keep his name in the news with new policies and lawsuits against the federal government almost every day. He is building his resume for the next cycle. His problem is going to center around keeping CA functional until 2024. Next year will be a big test. The Dems will win CA but will the state be able to deal with all their problems without running out of money.

I am a big supporter of Trump and the direction he is taking the country. However, I think his daily battles with everyone is starting to wear thin with the grass roots people he will need in 2020. He also has a lot of balls in the air right now and it seems like nothing is getting done. I believe he would be better served if he concentrated on 2-3 important issues and drive them home to completion. He is winning on immigration so that would be one area of focus. I would also be pushing Pelosi to pass the trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. He needs to show us the results. Then let Barr and Durham take control of the investigations and push their finding hard against the Dems. Keep talking about the economy because the Dems and the fake media have decided to talk up recession. Prove them wrong. Now is the time to make the Dems go on defense. Take the high road and control the narrative.


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