The Editor:   What is the Popcorn Theory, LL ?

Jiffy Pop Cat:   It’s like the old Domino Theory that War Criminal LBJ used to lie our way into the Vietnam War.  Once one country fell to Communism others would fall.

In the Popcorn Theory, Communist/Democrats/Progressives will pop-up all over in no apparent organized plan.  Here are some examples.  The first is a Senator from Rhode Island threatening the Supreme Court.  You will hear from most of these creatures for only a day or so.

This is Virginia is for Baby Killers governor, remember the top three ( 3) state officers one in blackface, one in KKK garb, and the other accused by two ( 2 ) women as a rapist.  They keep popping up.

Apple’s fire prone electronics have popped up again.  They are banned from airplanes, but are evidently safe in your home.  They should sell them as incendiary-bombs to the army.

This will pop up as long as there are enemies of The Constitution.

The Palestinian Authority ( Muslims ) has banned LGBT and Q’s I assume.   Throwing LGBTQ’s off a ten ( 10 ) story roof is their solution to sexual diversity.

I need a long sea voyage.

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