The Editor:  What is ecology, LL ?

Bionic Cat:  Here is a good definition.

It looks like the survivors on Earth will be those that adapt to plastic, poison chemicals, and microwaves-a type of electromagnetic radiation.  Governments use the safety test conducted by companies that make these these products as proof of their safety ( if any are conducted ).

Trump’s environmental policy is a joke.

This could make a mess of everything.

New Jersey can’t manage sea gulls.

In New York it’s squirrels.

The gulls are like pigeons in our large cities.  There are no natural enemies.  A few citizens with guns and bird-shot could solve the problem in a couple of days.  They would probably work for free.  The dead gulls could be sent to Disney World and maybe the alligators wouldn’t eat the children of visitors.  

I guess there is a time for everything.

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