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That Good Ole Diversity…don’t you just love it


On January 3, 2019, the 116th Congress was sworn in, and all day long, the media was fawning over the “remarkable diversity” of the new Democrat members.   It was a day of “firsts,” we were told repeatedly.  While the new Democrat majority offers many members of note, we want to highlight a few “firsts” who are examples of the “diversity” that was sworn in.
Here are our Top Most “Diverse” House Freshmen:

#1.   Ilhan Omar
The first person who married her brother to commit immigration fraud ever to be elected to Congress.   Omar is also the first open supporter of female genital mutilation to ever be elected to Congress.   Such amazing diversity!

 #2.   Rashida Tlaib
One of the first Muslim Brotherhood-linked and anti-Semitic candidates to be elected to Congress.   She also claims to be a Palestinian – not American.   Wonders never cease.   Also has potty mouth using the term”mother f***er” for the president She lied about her place of residence when she ran for both the Michigan House and the House of Representatives according to her own father.
#3.   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Where do we even begin?   Let’s just say she is the first person elected to Congress who lied about being from the Bronx, and thus, made up her life story.   She’s also an overt Marxist, in case you forgot.
#4.   Abigail Spanberger
The first substitute teacher from an Islamist school (nicknamed “Terror High”) ever to be elected to Congress.
#5.   Donna Shalala
Rep. Shalala was HHS Secretary from 1993 to 2001 under Bill Clinton and worked from 2015 to 2017 at the Clinton Foundation, and in 2016 she admitted in an interview that some significant Clinton Foundation donors received “courtesy appointments” in the Clinton State Department.   To top it off, apparently she can’t let go of politics:  at 78, she’s the oldest female House freshman in history.
#6.   Krysten Sinema
The first bi-sexual atheist to be sworn into Congress.    She refused to take the oath of office on the Holy Bible.
These are just a few examples of the “firsts” that the media has been celebrating, those who apparently show an open disdain and animosity for America.
And they all represent the Democratic Party!

Kind of makes you proud to be an American – doesn’t it?


Today’s Accidental Invention…The Microwave Oven

Percy LeBaron Spencer was working on magnetrons—high-powered vacuum tubes that generate short radio waves called microwaves—when he accidentally discovered microwave cooking. The engineer was doing his job as usual when he noticed that the candy bar in his pocket had melted. Quickly Spencer realized that it was the magnetrons that were causing this phenomenon. By 1945, he had filed a patent for his metal cooking box powered by microwaves.


microwave prepared food




The Editor:   Can you interpret this video, LL ?

Leo Lion Cat:  I sure can.  This is a dream that Trump has. The symbolism is that House and Senate Democrats should be in chains.  They will have to be dragged off of Capitol Hill.  The abstract thought/thinking applies to most of them.  This guy symbolizes the whole bunch.

This is a repeat, but Trump has this recurring dream.  Sometimes it involves the Sharia Law Four Girls, and sometimes in involves Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, and Feinstein.

Pole Dancing would be a great new Olympic sport.  Would Nike or Victoria’s Secret design the uniforms ?

I don’t understand why there aren’t thousands of law suits against mayors and governors in sanctuary locations for not enforcing laws and people dying because of their corrupt actions.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Spider Nebula in Infrared
Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Spitzer Space Telescope, 2MASS

Explanation: Will the spider ever catch the fly? Not if both are large emission nebulas toward the constellation of the Charioteer (Auriga). The spider-shaped gas cloud on the left is actually an emission nebula labelled IC 417, while the smaller fly-shaped cloud on the right is dubbed NGC 1931 and is both an emission nebula and a reflection nebula. About 10,000 light-years distant, both nebulas harbor young, open star clusters. For scale, the more compact NGC 1931 (Fly) is about 10 light-years across. The featured picture in scientifically-assigned, infrared colors combines images from the Spitzer Space Telescope and the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS). Spitzer is celebrating its 16th year orbiting the Sun near the Earth.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space