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I almost did not watch this, I am glad I did…and to think that Candace was a Democrat 3 or 4 years ago


This woman reporter is furious…and for good reason.  It’s not what you might think by listening to the lead-in…but hear her out!  Candace Owens, normally a very controlled and refined speaker, is so outraged by the lies, she does, at times, resort to language that is more, shall we say, colorful, to express herself.  But it is high time that someone tells the truth!




The Editor:  What is MORE about, LL ?

Konger Cat:  The Hong Kong Freedom Fighters saw Key Largo over the weekend and decided that they want MORE freedom than just rescinding the possible new law.  They fly the discarded American flags from Democrats as a symbol of freedom.

Trump wants Americans to have more control over their own economy.

The new Chicago mayor gives her residents more of the same-o, same-o.

Others sell more books but Moochelle’s is ranked higher.

The law abiding, reasonable Democrats are crying over their failed party.

Today’s Accidental Invention…Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s hard to imagine a world without chocolate chip cookies, but the delectable dessert wasn’t actually invented until 1930. On the day that the cookies were created, Ruth Graves Wakefield, co-owner of the Toll House Inn, was preparing some chocolate cookies for her guests when she realized that she was out of baker’s chocolate. Thinking on her feet, Wakefield decided to chop up a block of Nestle semi-sweet chocolate, assuming that it would melt and spread evenly throughout the batter. Instead, what came out of the oven was the very first batch of chocolate chip cookies, and modern dessert was never the same.

chocolate chip cookies