America is in a sad state.  The NYT should move their office to Beijing or Tehran.


The  Editor:  Do you like guns, LL ?

Annie Oakley Cat:  I can’t stand them, they hurt my ears.  Amigo dispatched a couple of opossums that were eating my food.  It sure beats getting killed by opossums or raccoons.

This video is for our MSM reporters and politicians, so they can tell the difference between clips and magazines.

Here are some Second Amendment articles.  The Progressive Democrats still want all guns confiscated, except for their armed body guards.

The Demrats want America’s large cities to have NO-GO-ZONES where the police won’t go.

I hope all red-flag laws are in court, like Chick-fil-A, for violating the Constitution.  Here is why you can’t give an inch on the Second Amendment.

As always, be careful with firearms.

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