The Demoshortpeople started the debate lying about their height.  They should join the Lollipop Guild. The third link is an ad that ran on Thursday.


The Editor:  Are there names more unusual than the Dr. Marijuana Chocolate Chip Cookie I Want A Nap Pepper, LL ?

Twilight Zone Cat:  They are a strange family.  A daughter is named Heaven who has a daughter named Egypt.

This guy has an equally goofy name.     Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani— in Arabic it means let’s make this plane crash.  After reading his work-history he seems stupid and ignorant enough to run for U.S. Senator in Californiagoofyland.

The Sphinx’s all time name winner is the crew of the crashed Asiana plane in San Frandeado.  One passenger who managed to crawl or was thrown from the burning firestorm was run over and killed by a fire truck.

Here are some names for censorship and political Democratic party social media locations.

The Justice Department needs to get on this before the election.

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