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The Editor:  Who is sleazy, LL ?

Pulitzer Cat:  The New York Slime is king of sleaze, lies, distortions, and half-truths.  If Ted Kennedy were alive he would say “their stories are murky”.   Here are some political items.

Here are some assaults on the Second Amendment.

This is why you can’t give an inch on gun rights.  The New York law has already been expanded to school personnel.  I hope citizens have court cases protesting  red-flag laws.

California continues to be goofy ( it must be Disneyland ).

AT&T is still a crooked enterprise.

This might be a good book.

If you make believe.  everything can be coo, coo, ca choo.  San Francisco hasn’t been clean since.

Today’s Accidental Invention… Matches

In 1826, chemist John Walker discovered what are now matchsticks when he accidentally scraped a stick coated in chemicals across his hearth and found that it caught fire. Walker’s “Friction Lights,” as he called them, were originally made out of cardboard, but eventually he switched over to using wooden splints and sandpaper.