The Editor:  What is happening in the food industry, LL ?

Narcolepsy Cat:  The FDA and EPA  have been asleep longer than Epstein’s guards.  The agencies approve any poison that companies like Monsanto and Bayer spray on food crops or land they are grown on.  Peanut allergies are a good example.   The companies cause health problems then you spend a fortune treating the symptoms, not the cause.

Here is some seed information.  They might not lie dormant for three-thousand  (3,000 ) years, but many years is common.

America can’t even produce its own seed.  All It takes is a little water and time.  We are dependent on China for thousands of items, including fighter jet electronics.

The Army can’t get enough volunteers.  Let’s renew the draft.

The government changes UFO’s to Unexplained Aerial Phenomena  UAP’s

Jimmy Caaarter thinks some candidates are too old and slow.  Only Obama and War Criminal Bush 43 were worse presidents in my first five ( 5 ) lives than Jimmy.


    • It is amazing that we FINALLY have a president, Republican Donald J. Trump, who refuses to kiss their “Made in China” ring!

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